Julie's Adventures Abroad

Welcome to my travel blog!

Currently in: Hampton, New Hampshire USA

Studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden for the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Calm Before the Storm (of Classes)
    Even though I’m not studying ‘abroad’ anymore, it doesn’t mean that I’m no longer studying. It also means you aren’t done reading about my life just yet. Muahahahaha Honestly, I have no idea where time has gone since I’ve been home. I know I’m not the only one out there feeling this way, but I’veContinue reading “Calm Before the Storm (of Classes)”
  • Heartbroken
    With a heavy heart, I am writing this post as I am on my flight back home to the US. From the last time I posted until now, we all know that everything in the world has dramatically changed regarding COVID-19. I am truly and utterly sad that I am being forced to go homeContinue reading “Heartbroken”
  • Kultur
    Okay, so I’ve been thinking long and hard as to what to talk about in this post, but I think I got it. After being super busy and traveling around this past month, I think I can give a decent explanation of the basic cultural differences that I have experienced here in Sweden so far.Continue reading “Kultur”
  • Traveling
    This past week I’ve been throughout Sweden and it’s only the beginning of my travel adventures.  First, it was our Outdoor LLC weekend, so all ten of us traveled to Tyresö, a municipality within Stockholm located about an hour outside the city. We arrived bright and early Saturday morning and divided into two groups. IContinue reading “Traveling”
  • Settled In
    After the initial adjustment period of being here in Stockholm, I have now been taking the time to explore the city and try new things. For the first couple of weeks, I have been actively trying to stay within Stockholm before I start traveling for my class (along with making personal trips!) I am partContinue reading “Settled In”
  • Falling in Love
    The first week here has been a lot: a lot of new faces, a lot of new places, but most importantly, a lot of love for this country. The first week was an adjustment, where I was still getting my bearings with trying to understand public transit that is in a different language. It wasn’tContinue reading “Falling in Love”
  • First 36 Hours
    I arrived in Stockholm just over 36 hours ago, and my experience so far has been nothing but wonderful. When I arrived here after my overnight flight from the States, the sun was starting to rise and the colors were so rich in pinks and purples that I was standing there in awe because IContinue reading “First 36 Hours”
  • About Me
    Hi! My name is Julie and I am currently a junior at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts studying Neuroscience & Psychology. Born and raised in Miami, FL, I didn’t have many opportunities to travel until I was adopted by my middle school principal at the age of 15. I have done the basic traveling thatContinue reading “About Me”

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